Exceeding joyfull newes from Coventry declaring the happy successe of Col. Hambden, Col. Goodwyn, and the citisens of Coventry, against Prince Robert and his forces, who besieged Coventry on Friday last. With the number of them that were slain, and the taking of Cap. Iohnson and many other prisoners. Also the victorious proceedings of the Earle of Argile against the Earl of Derbie, who while the E. of Derby besieged Manchester the second time, and was from thence repulsed, seized upon the Ile of Man, the ancient inheritance of the Earls of Derby, and hath there placed many strong garrisons. With exceeding good news from Holland, expressed in the fidelity of the States to the Parliament of England, who made stay of four great vessels laden with men and ammunition to assist the King against the Parliament

London : Printed for Richard West, October 19. 1642

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