An exact relation of foure notable victories obtained by the Parliaments forces: being informed to the Honourable House of Parliament on Satterday last, being the 24. day of this instant February, 1644. Viz. I. The taking of 3000 pound in money, besides plate and jewels, with a convoy of sixty horse; going from Prince Rupert to Weymouth. II. Collonel Mittons taking of one collonel, many captaines and other officers, and 60 common soldiers prisoners; with the routing two regiments of Irish rebels newly landed, and taking their bag and baggage. III. A defeat given to the Newark forces, occasioned by a discovery of a dangerous plot, for betraying the town of Nottingham; with the manner of drowning many of them, and taking others prisoners. IV. The taking of twelve ships by the Earle of Warwicks ships, which were imployed against the Parliament, under the command of Browne Bushell; with a relation of what store of ordnance, ammunition and treasure was therein. Published according to order

London : Printed by Bernard Alsop., 1644

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