The unbishoping of Timothy and Titus, and of the angel of the church of Ephesus: or, A brief elaborate discourse, proving Timothy and the angel to be no first, sole, or Diocæsan Bishop of Ephesus, nor Titus of Crete; and that the power of ordination, or imposition of hands, belongs jure divino to Presbyters, as well as to Bishops, and not to Bishops only, as Bishops; who by divine institution are evidenced to be one and the same with Presbyters, and many over one city, church, not one over many cities or churches. Wherein all objections, pretences to the contrary are fully answered; and the pretended superiority of bishops over other Ministers and Presbyters, and their sole right of ordination jure divino, (now much contended for) are utterly subverted in a most perspicuous manner.

William Prynne London : First compiled, printed in the year 1636. Reprinted for publike good and satisfaction, Anno 1660. And are to be sold by Edward Thomas at the Adam and Eve in Little Britain, 1660

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