The truest intelligence from the province of Munster, in the kingdome of Ireland extracted out of severall letters of very serious importance lately sent from Mr. Tristam Whitcombe soveraigne of Kinsale, and divers other worthy gentlemen of good repute, ranke and quality : newly written, published and really averred by one Mr. I. P. who was sometime a minister amongst them, having lately escaped from thence, and sustained great losses by the insolency of those bold, bloody and barbarous rebels : wherein is contained the miraculous mercies of Almighty God towards the Protestants of that kingdome in generall, and to that province in speciall : manifested by the cutting off of above 2000 of the rebels by 900 of our forces, and the late surprisall of many more of them by policie at sea

I. P, Tristram Whetcombe London : Printed by John Hammond, and Math. Rhodes, 1642

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