An abstract of the most material interlocutors of the Lords of Session, during the dependence before them, of the cause of the two Danish ships, the Palm-tree, and Patience of Sunderburg, adjudged prise by the High-Court of Admiralty, anno 1672. : Against Alexander Acheson captain of the frigat ... by which said ships were brought up, and the owners of the said frigat ... . Excerped out of the two decreets of the lords pronounced in favour of the strangers, 25. February 1674. but not extracted till the 30. of July 1680. With the Articles of His Majestie's treaty with the King of Denmark, relating to the case of ships and goods taken at sea in time of war ... and divers other papers, related to in the decreets

Edinburgh : Printed for the strangers, in the year, 1682

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