The oracles of reason. : Consisting of 1. A vindication of Dr. Burnet's Archiologiæ. 2. The seventh and eighth chapters of the same. 3. Of Moses's description of the original state of man, &c. 4. Dr. Burnet's appendix of the Brachmin's religion. 5. An account of the deist's religion. 6. Of the immortality of the soul. 7. Concerning the Arrians, Trinitarians and councils. 8. That felicity consists in pleasure. 9. Of fate and fortune. 10. Of the original of the Jews. 11. The lawfulness of marrying two sisters successively. 12. A political account of the subversion of Jewdaism, and original of the millenium. 13. Of the auguries of the ancients. 14. Natural religion as oppos'd to divine revelation. 15. That the soul is matter. 16. That the world is eternal, &c. : In several letters to Mr. Hobbs and other persons of eminent quality and learning.

Charles Blount, H. B, Thomas Burnet, Charles Gildon London : , Printed 1693

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