A most compleat compendium of geography, general and special : describing all the empires, kingdoms, and dominions in the whole world. : Shewing their bounds, situation, dimensions, ancient and modern names, history, government, religions, languages, commodities, divisions, subdivisions, cities, rivers, mountains, lakes, with their archbishopricks, bishopricks, and universities. In a more plain and easie method, more compendious and useful than any of the lesser sort. : Together with an appendix of general rules for making a large geography, with the great uses of that science. Very necessary for the right understanding of the transactions of these times. : Collected according to the latest discoveries, and agreeing with the choicest and newest maps.

Laurence Echard London : Printed for T. Salusbury at the King's-Arms next St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street, 1693

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