The votes agreed on by the Lords and Commons concerning a treaty; and their desire of a safe conduct for a committee named by them, contained in a letter of the 28. of February from the Earle of Manchester to the Lord Viscount of Falkland. With His Maiesties gratious answer thereunto, and a copy of his safe conduct. : Also the articles concerning a cessation proposed by both houses of Parliamemt [sic], and a letter of the 28. of Feb. from the said Earle of Manchester, to the said L. of Falkland, in which they were inclosed. With His Majesties gratious answer to the same

Lucius Cary Falkland, Edward Montagu Manchester Oxford : Printed, by His Majesties command, at Oxford, March 7. by Leonard Lichfield printer to the Vniversity., 1642 i.e. 1643

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