Bloody nevvs from Chattam, or, A true and impartial account of a most barbarous murther, committed upon the body of a widdow, and her son. : On twelf-day last past, by her pretended sweet-heart, in a copps, about half a mile from Becon-Hill, within a mile of Chattam. With the manner how this murther (through the providence of God) was discovered by a dog, that was with a boy gathering of sticks. A Relation of his apprehension, & what he confessed to the justice of peace and some ministers, in the goal at Canterbury, where he is now in durance. Any man may be satisfied of the truth of this, at the Queens-head at Billisgate, at the Starr Inn upon Fish-street-hill, by the Kentish carriers, and other gentlemen lodging there

London : Printed for George Smith, 1675

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