Strange news from Stafford-shire; or, a dreadful example of divine justice Shown upon a young-man in that county, who having stolen a Bible, and being taxed therewith, fell to imprecating Gods judgements upon himself, wishing that his hands might rot off, and that he might rot alive if he touched it; which heavy judgement in a short time fell upon him, his hands and his arms rotting away, and his leggs from his body, he being not sick, yet appearing to all that see him the saddest spectacle that ever eyes beheld. This may warn others from wishing for judgements to fall upon them, when they know themselves guilty. This relation was given and attested by Mr. Vincent, Minister of Bednal, who discoursed with this miserable young-man, tune of, My bleeding heart, &c

William Vincent London : Printed for, F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, and J. Clark, Between 1674 and 1679

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