A collection of tracts, chirurgical and medical viz. I. A new light of chirurgery; or a discovery of a more safe, and speedy way of curing wounds than formerly usually practised, with several experiments. II. The new light of chirurgery vindicated from the unjust aspersions of several unknown calumniators, &c. III. A physico-medical essay concerning alkaly and acid as they relate to the cause and cure of distempers; with an account of some distempers, and the medicines for the cure of them: also a short digression about specific remedies. IV. Further considerations concerning alkaly and acid, wherein the terms and nature of them are more fully explained, &c. V. A treatise of the gout, wherein both its cause and cure are demonstrated; with some medicinal observations concerning the cure of fevers, &c. by the means of acids; with an account of experiments, and the medicines, with their preparations. VI. The doctrine of acids in the cure of diseases further asserted, in answer to Dr. Tuthill; wherein are some things relating to the his

Colbatch Sir London : printed for Dan. Brown at the Black Swan and Bible without Temple-Bar, 1699

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