A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the disarming of all popish recusants, and that it shall be lawfull for any of His Majesties subjects to seize upon the persons of all such as shall execute the illegall commission of array. Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that this declaration thus amended be forth-with reprinted. H. Elsyn. Cler. Parl. Dom. Com. Together with a declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament that all persons whatsoever, which shall assist his Majesty in this vvar with horse, arms, or mony, shall be traytors to his Majesty, the Parliament and kingdom

London : printed by A.N. for Ed. Husbands. and I. Franke, and are to be sold at their shops in the middle Temple, and the next doore to the Kings Head in Fleetstreet, August 25. 1642

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