Gloria Britannica: or, The boast of the Brittish seas Containing, a true and full account of the Royal Navy of England, shewing, where each ship was built, by whom, and when; its length, breadth, depth, draught of water, tuns, the number of mens and guns, both in peace and war, at home and abroad. Together, with every man's pay, from a captain to a cabin-boy; truly calculated and cast up, for a day, a week, a month, and a kalendar year, or 13 months and 1 day. Carefully collected and digested by a true lover of the seamen, and of long experience in the practices of the Navy and Admiralty. Licensed, April the 9th. 1689

A. B London : printed, and sold by E. Smith, at the Bible, under the Piazza of the Royal Exchange, and George Harwar, near the Hermitage-Bridge, Wapping, compass-maker, 1690

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