The law of conveyances shewing the natures, kinds, and effects of all manner of assurances, with the manner of their several executions and operations. Also directions to sue out and prosecute all manner of writs, of extent, elegit, and judicial writs upon statutes, recognizances, judgments, &c. A warrant to summon a court of survey: and the articles to be given in charge, and inquired of in that court. With an exposition of divers obscure words and termes of law, used in ancient records, &c. And also plaine decimall tables, whereby may be found the true values of lands, leases, and estates, in possession, or reversion. With a concordance of years, &c. The second edition corrected and amended. By John Herne Gent

John Herne London : printed by T.R. for Hen. Twyford, and Tho. Dring, and are to be sold at their shops, in Vine Court Middle Temple, and at the George in Fleetstreet neer Cliffords Inne, 1658

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