Joh. Amos Commenii Orbis sensualium pictus: hoc est, omnium fundamentalium in mundo rerum, & in vitâ actionum pictura & nomenclatura.= Joh. Amos Comme[nius's] Visible world. Or, a picture and nomenclature of all the chief things that are in the world; and of mens employments therein. A work newly written by the author in Latine, and High-Dutch (being one of his last essays, and the most suitable to childrens capacities of any that he hath hitherto made) and translated into English, by Charles Hoole, M.A. for the use of young Latine scholars

Joannes Amos Comenius, Thomas Cross, Charles Hoole London : printed for Charles Mearne, his Majesties bookseller at the Kings Arms at Charing-Cross, 1685

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