A wicked plot against the person of Sir William Waller Declaring, how one of his soldiers eyther for hire or malice would desperately have shot him, but (by the providence of God) his musket not taking fire he immediately was apprehended; and deservedly executed for it. Shewing also, the true passages of every dayes service, from the first besieging of Arundell Castle, till the surrendring of it unto Sir William Waller, Jan. the 6. With an exact relation what commanders were slain during the siedge, and what prisoners and pillage was fouud [sic] in the castle. Together with the taking of a Dunkirk ship, which (being chased by the Hollanders, came up the channell near unto Arundell Castle for harbour, very richly laden, who intended to go to the relief of the English-Irish against the Parliament. Sent from the army to a gentleman dwelling in Mugwel-street, and by him caused to be printed for the satisfaction of such as desire to be truly informed. Published according to order

D Border London] : Ian: 11. London, printed for Robert Wood, MDCXLIV. 1644]

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