Ekklēsiasēs, Prōtos kai eshatos = The first and last preacher. Or, The everlasting G spel First begun by God the Father, Gen.3.15. Finished by God the Son, and Holy Ghost, Rev.22.20. Summarily set down, and seasonably applyed for the use of God's people in these latter (or in Heb.) postremity of days. Manifesting that after the decretive and declarative breaking of the serpents head by Christ, joyntly with the Father, and with the Holy Ghost, before he began his mediators offices, &c. that he hath ever since been doing of it executively, in the eminent performance of them, as the great prophet, under the Old Testament, and priest under the New Testament; and will as the great king, visibly do it, at his apearance and his kingdome, 2 Tim.4.1. By William Sherwin, minister of the Gospel

William Sherwin London : , Printed in the year MDCLXXI. 1671

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