An English expositour, or Compleat dictionary teaching the interpretation of the hardest words, and most usefull terms of art used in our language. First set forth by J.B. Dr. of physick. And now the sixth time revised, corrected, and very much augmented with several additions, viz. a new and copious supply of words. An index directing to the hard words, by prefixing the common words before them in an alphabetical order. A brief nomenclator, containing the names of the most renowned persons among the ancients, whether gods and goddesses (so reputed) heroes, or inventours of profitable arts, sciences and faculties. With divers memorable things out of ancient history, poetry, philosophy, and geography. By a lover of the arts

J. B, Lover of the arts Cambridge : printed by John Hayes, printer to the University, and are to be sold by G. Sawbridge at the Bible on Ludgate-hill, London, 1680

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