The life & death of Nebuchadnezzar the Great, the first founder of the Babylonian Empire; represented by the golden head of that image; Dan. 2. 32. and by the lion with eagles wings; Dan. 7. 4. As also of Cyrus the Graet [sic], the first founder of the Empire of the Medes, and Persians; represented by the breast, and arms of silver in that image; Dan. 2. 32. and by a bear; Dan. 7. 5. and by a ram with two horns; Dan. 8. 3, 20. He was the deliverer of Gods Israel out of Babylon, the seventy years of their captivity being expired. By both of these, much light is given to many of the prophesies of Isay, Jeremy, Esekiel, and Daniel. By Sa. Clarke, sometimes minister in St. Bennet Fink, London

Samuel Clarke London : printed for William Miller at the Gilden Acorn in St Pauls Church-yard, near the little north door, 1665

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