Salt and fishery : a discourse thereof insisting on the following heads : 1) the several ways of making salt in England, and foreign parts, 2) the character and qualities good and bad, of these several sorts of salt, English refin'd asserted to be much better than any foreign, 3) the catching and curing, or salting of the most eminent or staple sorts of fish, for long or short keeping, 4) the salting of flesh, 5) the cookery of fish and flesh, 6) extraordinary experments in preserving butter, flesh, fish, fowl, fruit, and roots, fresh and sweet, for long keeping, 7) the case and sufferings of the saltworkers, 8) proposals for their relief, and for the advancement of the fishery, the woollen, tin, and divers other manufactures

John Collins London : Printed by A. Godbid and J. Playford, 1682

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