The method of pleading by rule and president I. In twelve several branches of abatement, and judgments thereon. II. In ten general bars to the action. III. Special bars in case, (viz.) slander, assumpsit, disturbance, mis-feazance, male-feazance, negligence, trover, deceit, nusance, rescue and escape; with the pleading of uncore prist or adhuc paratus. IV. Bars in covenant, with averments, protestations, traverses and pleas after the last continuance; and also many special rules concerning the bar, replication, rejoynder, surrejoynder, &c. With particular cases, notes and arguments, relating to the advantage and method in pleading. Useful for the clerks and attorneys of the Kings-Bench and Common-Pleas

Robert Gardiner London : printed by the assigns of R. and E. Atkyns, Esquires; for J. Walthoe in Vine-Court Middle Temple, adjoyning to the Cloysters, 1697

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