The humble petition and remonstrance of Richrd [sic] Wylde, merchant and adventurer in the East-India trade laying open the many wilfull neglects, ill-managed actions and improvident courses, the governors and committees of the East-India Company, have heretofore, and still do practice in all their way of trade to the East-Indies, to the exceeding great prejudice of the adventurer and nation in generall. Together with a narrative of the principall wrongs and injuries the Dutch have barbarously perpetrated upon the persons, ships and goods of the company in Amboyna, and other parts of India, as also the manner of trade to Potugals [sic] heretofore, and now the Dutch have, and doe practise, to their exceeding great increase of stock which our company would never be perswaded to follow, in so full and ample manner as they ought to have done

Richard] [Wylde London : , Printed in the yeare 1654

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