A table of Israels judges with all the kings of Israel and Judah, wherein their actions and ends are briefly recorded The children of Israel after they departed out of the land of Egypt, and had wandred fourty years in the wildernesse, under the conduct of Moses and Aaron, came into the land of Canaan, under the command of Joshua the son of Nun; and they were successively under four several kinds of government, under captains and judges, under prophets, under priests, and lastly under kings, untill their final captivity. Joshua was a captain and a judge, so was Gideon, Jephtha, Sampson, &c. Deborah and Samuel were prophets and judges, Eli and Samuel were priests and judges, for Samuel was both a priest and a prophet. And lastly of the kings, David was both a prophet and a king

London : printed by T.C., 1660

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