England's interest; or, A discipline for seamen wherein is proposed, a sure method for raising qualified seamen, for the well manning Their Majesties fleet on all occasions. Also a method whereby seamen will be obliged mutually to relieve each other on board the men of war yearly,or thereabout; except where any seaman by his own voluntary consent shall be willing to stay longer. Likewise is shewed the advantages, which by these methods will accrue to the nation in general, and in particular to the merchants and seamen: for hereby the wages now given in merchant-ships will be brought lower, and every seaman will have the liberty of chusing his own commander, after the first year, and continuing with him, if he so likes. By Captain George St. Lo

George St. Lo London : printed for Richard Baldwin near the Oxford Arms-Inn in Warwick-Lane, M DC XCIV. 1694

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