The arraignment of Popery being a short collection taken out of the chronicles and other books of the state of the Church in the primitive times. I. The state of the Papists; how long it was before the universal Pope and mass was set up; and the bringing in their rudiments, traditions, beads, images, purgatory, tythes and inquisitions. II. A relation of their cruelties they acted after the Pope got up, being worse then the Turk and heathen: new Rome proving like old. III. What the people of England worshipped before they were Christians. IV. To which is added, The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. With several other things, very profitable for all that fear God to read, try and give judgment by the spirit of truth against the worship of the beast and whore. BY G. F. and E. H

George Fox, Ellis Hookes London : , Printed in the year 1679

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