Sad and lamentable news from VVapping giving a true and just account of a most horrible and dreadful fire, which happened on Sunday the 19th. of Nov. 1682. Beginning at the house of one Capt. Allen, in Cinnamon-street, by the carelesness of a drunken fellow, a sawyer, who lodged in the house aforesaid, and by letting the candle fall into some shavings, he proved ruinous to some thousands now undone by the ont-ragious [sic] flames, which with uncontroulable force burned down two thousand houses, destroying all before it for a whole mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in breadth, burning down streets, lanes, allies, courts, yards, wharfs, cranes, the like never known before since the great fire of London. It continued twenty hours or more, to the ruine of many mens good estates, besides the loss of forty mens lives, who were destroyed in endeavouring to asswage the force of this terribel fire. Also, giving you a particular account of the great losses of several men, namely, Sir William Warren, the Lady Ivy, Mr. Hooper, M

London : Printed for J. Clarke, Seignior, at the Bible and Harp, near the Hospital-Gate, in West-smithfield, 1682

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