The assize of bread with sundry good and needful ordinances for bakers, brewers, inholders, victuallers, vintners, and butchers; and other assizes in weights and measures, which by the laws of this realm, are commanded to be observed and kept by all manner of persons as well within liberties as without. Whereunto are also added, sundry good and needful orders, in making and retailing of all kinds of lawful breads, vendible unto his Majesties subjects in the commonwealth, agreeing with the statutes, laws, ancient orders and customs of this realm of England. Which statutes, ancient order and customs ... have been seen, allowed, and are commanded to be kept, by the right Honourable the Lords, and others of the Kings Majesties Honourable Privy-Council. Newly corrected, and enlarged from twelve pence the quarter of wheat, unto three pound and six pence the quarter, according to the rising and falling of the price in the market, by six pence altering in every quarter. Also the ordering of the clerk of the marke

John gent. Powel London : printed for R. Chiswell, B. Griffin, W. Battersby, S. Smith, B. Walford, N. Watson, and G. Connyers, 1698

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