Healths grand preservative: or The womens best doctor A treatise, shewing the nature and operation of brandy, rumm, rack, and other distilled spirits, and the ill consequences of mens, but especially of womens drinking such pernicious liquors and smoaking tobacco. As likewise, of the immoderate eating of flesh without a due observation of time, or nature of the creature which hath proved very destructive to the health of many. Together, with a rational discourse of the excellency of herbs, highly approved of by our ancestors in former times. And the reasons why men now so much desire the flesh more than other food. A work highly fit to be persued and observed by all that love their health, and particularly necessary to the female sex, on whose good or ill constitution the health and strength, or sickness and weakness of all [cropped]sterity does in a more especial manner depend. By Tho. Tryon

Thomas Tryon London : printed for the author, and are to be sold by Langley Curtis near Fleet-Bridge, 1682

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