VI. severall victories obtained by Major-Generall Browne, Lievtenant-Generall Cromwell, and Col. Fines, against the Kings forces neere Oxford on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last: with severall lists of the names of the chiefe prisoners of the Kings party which were taken: viz. 6. Colonells and majors. 9. Captaines. 11. Lievtenants. 14. Colours and ensignes. 53. other officers. 540. killed and taken. 600. and odd armes. 590. Horse. 3. Barrells of powder, besides other ammunition. With all the particulars, and manner of each fight, and the most materiall collections of the letters which came from Lievtenant-Generall Cromwell, Major-Generall Browne, and the rest that were sent from the army. Published according to order

London : printed for Robert Austin, 1645

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