The scale of interest: or The use of decimal fractions with a table of logarithmes, demonstrating the most easie and exact resolving all questions in anatocism, or compound interest, and tables of simple interest also at 6. per cent. per annum. Together with their use in the measuring of board, timber, stone, and gauging of cask, &c. very necesary for all carpenters, joyners, masons, glasiers, and all tradesmen whatsoever. Composed and published for the use of the English methematical and grammar school at Ross in Herefordshire. Also, a direction for deans and chapters in cathedrals, and the heads and fellows of colledges in both Universities in their letting of leases and taking of fines. By John Newton D.D. and one of His Majesties chaplains

John Newton London : printed by E.C. for Dixy Page at the Anchor and Marriner in East-Smithfield near the Kings Slaughter-house, who selleth all sorts of mathematical books, and books of navigation, 1668

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