Two books of physick viz. I. Medicaments for the poor; or, physick for the common people. (The chief things treated on in this book; you may read in the two leaves of contents, before the epistle to the reader.) First written in Latin by that famous and learned doctor, John Prevotius, phylosopher, and publick professor of physick in Padua. Translated into English, and somthing added, by Nich. Culpeper, student in physick and astrology. II. Health for the rich and poor, by diet without physick. By Nich. Culpeper, student in physick and astrology. Also Culpepers Ghost, is hereunto added; being a book of truth, wit, and mirth

Jean Prevost, Nicholas Culpeper London : printed by Peter Cole, in Leaden-Hall, and are to be sold at his shop, at the sign of the Printing-Press in Cornhil, neer the Royal Exchange, 1656

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