The application of redemption by the effectual work of the word, and spirit of Christ, for the bringing home of lost sinners to God The ninth and tenth books. Besides many other seasonable, and soul-searching truths, there is also largely shewed, I. The heart must be humble and contrite before the Lord will dwell in it. ... 10. Gross and scandalous sinners, God usually exerciseth with heavy breakings of heart, before they be brought to Christ. 11. Sorrow for sin rightly set on, pierceth the heart of the sinner throughly. ... 18. The soul that is pierced for sin, is carried with a restless dislike against it. By that faithful, and known servant of Christ, Mr. Thomas Hooker, late pastor of the church at Hartford in New-England; somtimes preacher of the Word at Chelmsford in Essex, and fellow of Emmanuel Colledg in Cambridg. Printed from the authors papers, written with his own hand. And attested to be such, in an epistle, by Thomas Goodwin, and Philip Nye

Thomas Hooker London : printed by Peter Cole, at the sign of the Printing-Press in Cornhil, neer the Royal Exchange, 1657

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