Logistikēlogia, or Arithmetick surveighed and reviewed in four books. Viz. 1 book 1 part intergers. 2 part fractions. 2 book 1 part geodæticals. 2. part figurals 3 book 1 part decimals. 2 part astronomicals. 3 part logarithmes. 4 part coffics. 5 part surds. 6 part species. 4 book 1 part ratios. 2 part proportions disjunct. 3 part proportions continued. 4 part ¥quations. Wherein the nature of numbers absolutely abstract, generally and specially contract, with their simple and comparative elements, are plainly declared, and fully handled. Every part furnished with such necessary rules, cases, theoremes, questions, observations, and varieties of operation, as principally to them belong, ... and delivered in so familiar a style, as may befit mean capacities, and if practically applied, become more than ordinarily useful both in mechanical and mathematical arts and sciences. By Samuel Jeake senior

Samuel Jeake London : printed by J.R. and J.D. for Walter Kettilby at the Bishops-Head in St. Paul's Church-Yard, and Richard Mount on Tower-Hill, near the Postern, M DC XCVI. 1696

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