The art of measuring, containing the description and explanation of the carpenters new rule Fnrnished [sic] with variety of scales. Fitted for the more speedy mensuration of superficies and solids. Also certain geometrical problems, a table of logarithms to 10000, and some uses of the same exemplified in arithmetick and geometry: but more particularly applied to the mensuration of superficies and solids, as board, glass, pavement, wainscot, plaistering, tyling, timber, stone, brick-work, and gauging of cask. The third edition with additions, by W. Leybourn. To which is added a supplement; being the description of the line of numbers, with its use, in divers practical examples of mensuration, of singular use for work-men, artificers, and other ingenious persons delighting therein

William Leybourn, John Wiblin London : printed for Rich. Northcot next St. Peters Alley, Cornhill, and at the Marriner and Anchor upon Fish-street Hill, near London Bridge, 1681

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