The doctrines and principles: the persecution, imprisonment, banishment, excommunicating of the saints of God, by the priests and magistrates of Scotland contrary to the doctrine of Christ and the apostles. Here all may see, the priests of Scotland, and their church, and their persecution, imprisonment and banishment, and excommunicating of the saints, and lambs, servants, and children of God, which the Lord moved to go amongst them, to visit the seed of God, in that dark wilderness-country, who has been as sheep among wolves. Also, how pure religion is turned upside-down, and vain religion got in its place. And the pure doctrine of Christ and the Apostles, which faith, entertain strangers, love enemies is lost amongst you; in stead of entertaining strangers, and loving of enemies, they imprison and persecute, and have made their church unsavory: and the teachers fruits declares to be false, who are wrestlers against flesh and blood, and strikers at creatures, which Christ and the apostles did not. George Weare William Grey William Mitchell John Hart William Stockdale Richard Ismead

William Stockdale, George Weare London : printed for Robert Wilson, at the signe of the Black-spread-Eage and winde-Mill in Martins-lane near Aldersgate, 1659

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