God's great and vvonderful vvork in Somerset-shire the charitable farmer miraculously rewarded h[a]ppening at Welling within three miles of the city of Wells this last harvest, where an honest Godly farmer having sold most part of this last summer and winter great quantities of corn to the poor in their distress at five or six shillings the bushel, when the market price was ten and eleven shillings; for which he was much derided and scoft at by his rich neighbours, he was recompensed by an extraordinary crop of wheat, the like was never before heard; of each stalk of straw having divers full large ears, some nine, ten and thirteen, but generally ten ears on every straw throughout the field which was ten acres and upwards; of which ears are to be seen at divers coffy-houses by the Royal Exchange, and at other places in London, published as a grateful acknowledgement to the goodness of providence, and to stir up all into faith in God, and charity towards their poor neighbours from the consideration of so remarkable an example. The tune i

L. W London : printed for F. Coles, T. Veres. J. Wright. and John Clarke, 1676

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