God's call to unconverted sinners, to turn to the Lord Plainly shewing every poor sinner the miserableness of his estate, and how great an enemy he is to himself; that though the Lord be daily calling to him, to turn and live, and professeth hee delights not in the death of a sinner, yet for all this will go on, and dye. Also the happy condition of the people of God, in that they have such a Father, that had rather see their conversion, than condemnation. And lastly, to the terror of wicked and ungodly men is set forth: that if they will not turn to God, that they may live with him in heaven, they shall dye, and be tormented with the devil and his angels in hell fire. The twentieth edition, with additions. By T.P. Licensed and entred according to order

T. P London : printed for Tho. Passenger, at the three Bibles on London-Bridge, 1668

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