The vvorth of a penny, or, A caution to keep money VVith the causes of the scarcity and misery of the want thereof, in these hard and merciless times: as also how to save it, in our diet, apparel, recreations, &c. And also what honest courses men in want may take to live. By Henry Peacham Mr. in Arts, sometime of Trinity Colledge Cambridge. Now newly reprinted according to order, and made more publick than heretofore: with some additions of notes in the margin; and the Greek and Latin sentences Englished. Now last of all, are added some grave sentences, with many learned observations, in a different letter from the former: with a catalogue of the Bills of Mortality, from 1642. to 1669. Printed this 12:h of January, 1669

Henry Peacham London : printed by S. Griffin, for William Lee, formerly living at the Turks head in Fleet-street: and now dwelling next to the Kings-head Tavern in Chancery-Lane, near Fleet-street, 1669 i.e. 1670

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