The marrow of history: or a looking-glass for kings and princes Truly representing the variety of dangers inherent to their crowns; and the lamentable deaths which many of them, and some of the best of them have undergone. Collected, not onely out of the best modern histories; but from all those which have been most famous in the Latine, Greek, or Hebrew tongue. Shewing, not onely the tragedies of princes at their deaths, but their exploits and sayings in their lives; and by what vertues some of them have flourished in the height of honour; and overcome by what affections, others of them have sunk into the depth of all calamities. A work most delightful for knowledge, and as profitable for example. First collected by Lodowick Lloyd, one of the gentlemen in ordinary to Queen Elizabeth:

Lodowick Lloyd, Robert Codrington London : printed for John Andrews, at the White Lion near Pye-Corner, 1659

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