By George Jones of Hatton-Garden, Holbourn a corner house, three doors from the sign of the New hole in the wall, over against Bauldwins-Gardens, near the George; studient in the art of physick and chyrurgery, for the space of about thirty years: this is to let you know that I practice at my house aforesaid, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in every week and the other three days in every week, I practise at my house in the upper More-fields, two golden-balls on the tops of the two posts before my door, where you shall have faithful honest dealings from me so long as I live. This is to give you notice of my friendly pill: the like whereof was never found out before, for doing good: for it hath lately helpt thousands of people, of all sorts of diseases

of Hatton-Garden. Jones London : ], printed, October the 15th. 1674

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