Gods justice against murther, or The bloudy apprentice executed Being an exact and true relation of a bloudy murther committed by one Thomas Savage an apprentice to a vinter at the ship tavern in Ratliffe upon the maid of the house his fellow servant, being deluded thereunto by the instigations of a whore. How and in what sort he performed the same, how he robbed his master, and was persued and taken by hue and cry at Coome farm betwixt Greenwich and VVoolwich. Sent to Newgate, afterwards arrained and cast at Justice Hall in the Old Bayly, condemned to be hanged over against the place where he committed the fact, and being once hanged and cut down afterwards reviving again, was the second time hanged till he was dead, on Wednesday October 28 1668

London : printed for John Clarke at the Harp and Bible in West Smith-Field, 1668

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