The English physitian enlarged with three hundred, sixty, and nine medicines, made of English herbs that were not in any impression until this: ... Being an astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation: containing a compleat method of physick, wherby a man may preserve his bo- [sic] in health; or cure himself, being sick, for three pence charge, with such things only as grow in England, they being most fit for English bodies. Herein is also shewed these seven things: viz 1 The way of making plaisters, oyntmeuts [sic], oyls, pultisses, syrups, decoctions, juleps, or waters, of al sorts of physical herbs ... 7 The way of mixing medicines according to cause and mixture of the disease, and part of the body afflicted. By Nich Culpeper, Gent. student in physick and astrology:

Nicholas Culpeper London : printed by Peter Cole, at the sign of the Printing press in Cornhll sic], neer the Royal Exchange, 1656

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