The accidence in questions and answers Explained, amended, abridged, and fitted to the capacity and use of the lowest form. Being an introduction into useful learning. In a new but natural method, leading the learner, from letters to syllables. Syllables to words. Words to sentences: 1. Single. 2. Compounded. Where is added an account of the transposition, and most usual ellipses of words in a sentence. By perpetual plain, easie, necessary, I. Examples to be imitated. II. Rules to direct the imitation. III. Exercises to ascertain the imitation by the direction of the rules. Into which is inserted I. A vocabulary of English and Latin words under each part of speech reduced into a tolerable order. II. Sententiæ pueriles consisting of the same words reduced into plain sentences under every syntactick rule

Samuel Hoadly London : printed for John Wright at the Crown on Ludgate-hill, 1683

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