The royal almanack: or, A diary of the true places of the sun, moon, and planets, their rising, southing, and setting : high-water at London-bridge, with rules to serve other places after the new theory or tides, and directions of Sir Jonas Moore. To which are added, the eclipses, with a table of equations for the regulating curious pendulum-clocks, and movements to the sun. A table of the suns right ascension in time for every day at noon, and thirty of the most notable fixed stars. With the moon and other the planets appulses to the fixed stars, for the meridian of London, anno 1667. and of his Majesties happy reign 29. All done with great pains, according to the rules of art, for his Majesties use, and at his command. By N. Stephenson, one of his Majesties gunners

Nicholas Stephenson, Jonas Moore London : printed by A.C. for the Company of Stationers, 1677

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