Catalogus variorum librorum : bibliothecarum selectissimarum Rev. D.D. Sill Ecclesiæ Westmon. nuperrime prebendarij Doct. Vir. D. Cornel. Callow Londinensis generosi. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini, in ¥dibus Nigri Cygni ex adverso Australis Porticus Ecclesiæ Cathed. Paulin. in Cæmeterio [sic] D. Paul. 21 die Novemb. 1687. Per Edoardum Millingtonum. Bibliopolam Lond. Catalogues are given by Mr. Fox in Westminster-Hall, Mr. Wilkinson at the Black-boy in Fleetstreet, Mr. Miller in St. Paul's Church-yard, Mr. Crouch in Cornhill, booksellers; at the Black-boy Coffee-house in Ave-Mary Lane, and at the above-mentioned place of sale, 1687

Edward Millington, John Callow, William Sill London : 1687]

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