Great Britain's glory: properly call'd, King William proclaim'd the second time or, The last farewel to great Babel. Being an explanation of Daniel, and the rest of the prophets, who prophesied of popery's utter downfal in the latter day, by the King of the North. Delivered in three parts, I. Declaring our present King William to be the very prince that should come at the end of the one thousand, three hundred, thirty five days, Dan. 12 v. 12. II. That this present war is by the command of the most high God, Mat. 24, from the first verse to the fifteenth. III. Firmly proving, that this our present King William is the King of the North ordained to be the instrument (under the Almighty) of popery's utter destruction throughout the whole world, and spreading the Holy Gospel to all nations, according to the Holy Scriptures. Written in Brauntry in Essex, by John Bundy, a young student in divinity

John] [Bundy London : printed by W. Onley, for Nicholas Boddington, at the Golden-ball in Duck-lane, 1696

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