The worlds wonder being a true relation of the strange and dreadful apparitions seen in the air, on Tuesday last was seven-night, at New-Market-Heath, and in the western parts: wherein you might discern the flaming-sword, the fiery dragon, sparkling-coals, burning-beams, beating of drums, sounding of trumpets, and a desperate conflict between two armies. Likewise, the presenting of the earth with a mighty thunder-bolt, ... and the taking of it up, and carrying it to Justice Fosters, where many hundreds of people resort to see it, to the great admiration of all that behold it. As also, the strange and wonderful ringing of the bells, by four white spirits in the perfect shape of men, at Ferry-Briggs in York-shire, on the first of this instant March, betwixt 12 and one of the clock in the morning. With the minister, clerk, and others going to them, demanding, In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, what they meant, and what their business was? With the answer which proceeded from a vo

London : printed for George Horton, 1659

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