Milk for babes: and meat for strong men A feast of fat things; wine well refined on the lees. O come young men and maidens, old men and babes, and drink abundantly of the streams that run from the fountain, that you may feel a well-spring of living water in yourselves, springing up to eternal life; that as he lives (even Christ Jesus) from whence all the springs do come, so you may live also, and partake of his glory that is ascended at the right hand of the Father, far above principalities and powers. Being the breathings of the Spirit through his servant James Naylor, written by him in the time of the confinement of his outward man in prison, but not published till now

James Naylor, Mary Booth London : printed for Robert Wilson, at the sign of the black-spread-Eagle and Wind-Mill in Martins l'Grand, 1661

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