A revindication set forth by William Parker, in the behalfe of Dr. Drayton deceased, and himself : of the possibility of a total mortification of sin in this life: and, of the saints perfect obedience to the law of God: to be the orthodox Protestant doctrine, and no innovations (as they are falsly charged to be) of Dr. Drayton and W. Parker; in an illogicall vindication, wherein the necessity of sins remaining in the best saints as long as they live, and the impossibility of perfect obedience to the law of God, is ignorantly and perversly avouched to to [sic] be the orthodox Protestant doctrine; by one who subscribeth his name John Tendring. ..

William Parker London : printed by W.G. and are to be sold, with the Examen to the late synods confession of faith, by Nathaniel Brook at the sign of the Angel in Cornhill, and John Orme in Pellican-Court in Little Britain, M. DC. LVIII. 1658

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