An Anti-Brekekekex-Coax-Coax, or, A throat-hapse for the frogges and toades that lately crept abroad, croaking against the Common-prayer book and Episcopacy and the copie of a letter from a very reverend church-man, in answer to a young man, who desired his judgement upon this case, viz. whether every minister of the Church of England be bound in conscience to reade the Common-prayer : with another letter from a convinced associatour, that a while boggled at the Common-prayer, to a brother of the same association, not yet convinced, together with the above-said reverend person's brief and candid censure thereupon, with some uses of application by the publisher

London : Printed in hopes to doe good to the publick, or at least to give some check to the impudent slanders of some malicious non-conformists, who by the same artifice, as they did in the year 1642, goe about to re-inflame these nations by their libellous pamphlets, 1660

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